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Family Roots

Tulip is a genus of over 100 species of spring-flowering bulbous perennials. Tulip varieties are divided into 15 groups (or Divisions)-- based primarily on the characteristics of the bloom.

Field Tulips


Tulips are the quintessential Northwest flower and come in many beautiful colors.  Field-grown varieties often include novelties (parrots, lily-flowered, etc.) -- and ''coupe'' or ''French'' varieties known for their larger blooms and stems.


Mid-March through Mid-May

Stem Length:
12 - 18 inches
Flower size:
Blooms vary from 2-3 inches in length.
Care & Handling:
Dry Storage - Tulips (still in ''tight-bud'' stage) may be dry-stored at 32-36 degrees for several days.
Wet Storage - Cut a half inch off base of stem and place in fresh water. Tulips can stretch up to four inches after hydration -- care should be taken to allow for this growth if flowers will be stored or displayed on tiers or shelves. Protect from drafts, direct sun or heating vents. Always hydrate tulips separately from daffodils -- as daffodil sap is toxic to tulips.

Greenhouse Tulips


We grow tulips in the protected environment of a greenhouse to simulate springtime and allow us to offer our customers their brightly colored beauty in the middle of winter.


Mid-January through the end of March

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