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Family Roots

Genus of 30+ species of clump-forming herbaceous perennials, shrubs and subshrubs (tree peonies). Native to Europe, Asia and western North America. Most cultivars are derived from P. lactiflora and bloom in late spring through early summer.



Peony flowers grow in several forms: single, semi-double, double (including the 'bomb-type' with a central mound of petals) and Japanese (also known as anemone-form). Peonies prefer cold nights and warm days -- and grow very well in the temperate coastal climate of the Pacific NW. 


Mid-May through early July.

Stem Length:
16 - 24 inches
Flower size:
Open blooms vary from
3-5 inches in diameter.
Care & Handling:
Dry Storage - Peonies (still in ''tight-bud'' stage) may be dry-stored at 32-36 degrees for several days.
Wet Storage - cut 1/2 inch off base of stem and place loosely (to allow for flower development) into fresh warm water. Display in cooler for maximum vase life.
Peonies are ethylene-sensitive -- care should be taken to protect them from damage. Water should be freshened every other day to maximize vase life.
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