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Family Roots

Gladiolus is a genus of over 150 species of cormous perennials. Over 10,000 cultivars have been developed for cutting, exhibition and garden use.



Gladiolas are grown for their showy flower spikes.

For cut-flower use, they are harvested with their blooms closed - which protects them from transportation damage and allows for maximum vase-life.


Late August through early October.

Stem Length:
32 - 38 inches
Flower size:
Open blooms vary from
2-4 inches in diameter.
Care & Handling:
Dry Storage - Gladiolas (still in tight-bud stage) may be dry-stored at 32-36 degress for several days.
Wet Storage - cut 1 inch off base of stem and place in fresh water. Gladiolas are very sturdy – and may be displayed at cool room temperature – away from drafts or heating vents.
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